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Small Business - The current situation

Today in the UK there are 5.4 million small businesses, with 80 new businesses opening every single hour.  The hunger for business is huge and diverse.  Usually, people start off with an idea, enthusiasm and energy, but sadly 95% fail in the first five years, with 50% not making it past year one.  That failure is often caused by lack of knowledge, experience and management. These business owners are experts in their field, but where they struggle is in the business side of their venture.

Britain Shine - Who we are

Britain Shine is a membership based organisation. For a monthly subscription fee, members access all the expertise they need to grow and develop their business. Established by two serial experienced, award winning entrepreneurs, Britain Shine exists to provide business expertise to business owners. We deliver that support in varying and diverse ways. We don't signpost to other potential support, we deliver everything directly to our members through a growing team of expertise.

Britain Shine - What we do

Our members receive ongoing guidance and expertise through:

  • mentoring
  • expert how to guides
  • money saving offers
  • online support group
  • weekly business newsletter
  • quaterly magazine
  • networking events
  • online learning academy
  • direct access to expertise needed
  • a marketplace to promote themselves
  • webinars
  • podcasts

Find out more about what we deliver to our members here 

Why Britain Shine for business?

Britain Shine aspires to underpin business owners right across the country. We don't have an eligibility critera, our expertise on development and growth are open to anyone, any age, any size, anywhere.  By providing insight, knowledge,experience and a sounding board for business owners and their ventures, we aim to avoid those predicted failures.  We know that what we deliver combined with the way we deliver it will enable businesses to avoid the failure rates and develop into Great British businesses.

Britain Shine was launched in the UK in August 2016.