Business Owners essentials

Britain Shine are launching a brand new workshop for 2017. The business owners essential guide will cover the 12 key pillars, identfied by the team that business owners need to be successful. The 12 pillars will be overviewed in workshops across the UK launching in January. 

The twelve ares include:

  • Finance
  • The law
  • Social Media
  • The owner
  • Website
  • Pricing
  • Selling
  • Customer service
  • Leads
  • Marketing
  • Time Management
  • Growth

Our current members are working with mentors on these areas and seeing fantastic results. With that in mind we are taking these concepts on the road to give business owners the knowledge they need to avoid the steep learning curve and to avoid failure. 

COMING SOON this tour workshop will become an online learning programme for members. Broken down into 12 sections this will be delivered to members to reinforce their business activites and improve knowledge.