Kickstart January

2017 kickstart 2017 will see many businesses succeed and gain traction. Equally 50% of all starter businesses will fail. We truly believe that business failure comes down to one of three things; lack of knowledge, experience or management. The team at Britain Shine are not going to sit back and watch those failures happen so we have created the 2017 Kickstarter. Launching on January 9th we will be helping business owners to develop their sales, master their marketing, clearly focus on their goals and create a detailed plan to achieve everything they want to in 2017. 

This is open to members and non members so why not experience what Britain Shine has to offer by enrolling on this four week course to kick start your business in 2017. 

Everything will be delivered online to you on a weekly basis and in our facebook group you will have daily support via videos to keep you on track and focused. 

Get your earlybird ticket before New Years Day and half the cost of the course just by being organised and getting in first. 

See you on Jan 9th