What an achievement

Dear Members,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your support and membership in 2016.

Britain Shine was an idea which came on the 24th June last year - it was the day after Brexit and I for one as a business owner was wondering, what happens next ? That led to some research and a simple fact only 9% of the small businesses out there belong to any network or support group which could help them and 50% fail in their first year (Government and Network figures). When I heard that - I felt immediately compelled to create something which could help the 91% of business owners who needed help, but didn't yet realise that !!

We are now six months on, we created a company, did all the formalities, wrote and re-wrote the business plan a few times, and I pleased to report a very special fact. While 50% that started in 2016 will fail in their first year - 0% of our membership has failed. OK you might say that some of them are older than a year and you would be right. In the market 95% fail in the first five years. So we are shouting from the rooftops, 0% failure rate amongst our members. This is not chance, its hard work, we get crisis calls and meetings, we formulate plans and revise those plans, we develop and keep developing as we meet new people, new opportunities and new developments.

Britain Shine will never rest and we are already seeing the fruit of our work amongst the members we serve. I want to acknowledge and salute the dedication and determination of Sara Flay through our first six months. I pitched her with a crazy idea at the end of June and she unreservedly launched herself into a plan to help small businesses. Her commitment and zeal has been and continues to be an inspiration to me and our company.

Looking at 2017, we are seeking a number of opportunities on the horizon. We will expand our knowledge base, improve our website, offer some new services (at your request) and get more sophisticated in our mentoring process, linking your felt business needs to experts in those areas. I am hoping we can have a grand get together toward the end of 2017, and who knows may be we can run an awards conference to celebrate your achievements more than our own.

As I close, I come back to a quote a wrote some years ago to get me through my own tough times in business - 'Giving up is a permanent solution to a temporary problem'. When things don't go right, sleep a few nights and everything changes - that is the opportunity of the entrepreneur. So whether you are in a growth curve, or in crisis, we are here to serve you. We will do our very best to see you achieve your dream. We'll encourage, equip and enable where every possible.

There's only one thing I would ask help for, from you in 2017 - could you spread the word about Britain Shine. If you do, that's all the marketing we will need.


Every Blessing

Carl Brettle