Referral Partner

As a member of Britain Shine you can be a referral partner. Our referral partners get great be benefits on top of all the training and support they gain from membership.

As a referral partner you get paid to promote us! Yes that's right, every time someone joins us as a member because of you, you get paid. Whichever package that new member joins we will give you their first month's fee as a thank you for introducing them. So if one person joins each month because of you, you will in essence get your membership for free.

As a member and referral partner we will promote your business through social media and our publications. You also get the opportunity to work alongside us and showcase your expertise. You could run a workshop with us and earn an income from all attendees, run a networking event and again earn an income. You can write for our magazine, newsletters, how to guides etc and show our members your expertise. Why not sell our quarterly magazine to people you know and earn a commission. You will automatically become a preferred supplier so if Britain Shine needs a service or product you provide, we will use you first before the general business population.

You've got nothing to lose as a referral partner and so much to gain.

Simply use your ID code for any new members signing up and get in touch with us to chat about what you do and how we can use and promote it.

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Britain Shine is here to support you and to showcase you so why not get started today.